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Your Questions About Drink Coffee To Lose Weight

Mandy asks…

Can people lose weight by drinking black coffee? If so, how much is enough?

Mixed with 30-60 minutes of power walking and light to moderate daily activity, if a person only drinks coffee & only eats vegetables, and fruit… how likely will weight loss occur?
Temporarily (a few weeks), not forever. Be specific and please include details and possible sources. Thanks!

eric answers:

Most likely

Sandra asks…

If I drink coffee 3 times a day could I lose weight?

Will this addition of caffeine to my diet contribute to some weight loss?

eric answers:

Cafffeine has been shown to help people exercise longer and help with energy levels, but the catch is it’s for people who dont consume a lot (less than 300mg/day)

Thomas asks…

When I drink black coffee I have to go #2, if I drink lots of coffee will it help me lose weight?

It makes sense… right? The more I poo, the more I lose. Why does coffee make me crap so much anyways?

eric answers:

The caffine in coffee is a stimulant. It make you poo. It will not make a noticible difference in your weight. Just how much TP you use.

Betty asks…

Drinking coffee makes you lose weight?

So, will you now drink more coffee?

eric answers:

If that were true that would be great ( i drink LOTS of coffee)

(only diet and excercise work)

Michael asks…

Does drinking alot of coffee help you lose weight?

im trying to lose 40 pounds by April. I heard that drinking alot of coffee helps. anyone else ever lost weight this way..

Yes, i know i need to eat less and exercise, i plan to add that in but will drinking coffee help?

eric answers:

Coffee is a stimulant which might stimulate your appetite. It is a diuretic and can also leech the calcium right from your bones. It may make you feel thirsty which you’ll misinterpret as hunger. So if you drink coffee you may think you feel more hungry. You may even eat more. The best strategy I know for weight loss is drinking lots of water and walking- go a little further every time you feel like you can. April is a long way off. If you lose 2 lbs a week it’s pretty good and you’ll be there in 20 weeks. I’ve never lost weight from just drinking coffee. Eating less may not be the solution, if you deprive yourself you’ll just continue to have cravings until you give a little, and if you wait you might binge on whatever it is. When I want chocolate, I have a small amount of chocolate. The key is moderation, not deprivation. Moderation will help your exercise regimen work too- don’t go so hard at it that you hurt yourself or you’ll be off exercise until you heal.

David asks…

If I try to stay up all night and drink coffee, will I lose weight?

I have been eating well over 2000 calories lately and I’m a non-active, sedentary person who is 5ft 3. I’m too damn lazy to exercise so if I just watch t.v. and sit up all night, will I burn more calories than I would if I slept? I know that’s not healthy really, but I plan on sleeping in. I know I’ll have to make better choices in the long run but for right now, I want to do what I can.

eric answers:

Actually staying up late and drinking coffee is worse for you, while sleeping your brain does not think about food, but while awake and bored your body thinks about food so you will eat thus gaining cals. If your going to drink coffee ever drink it at the start of the day to help you metabolism get going in the morning but also eat something, there are no easy ways to loose weight and be healthy, the only ways that work and are good for you are diet…. And exercise. So get up and get our and do work and eat fruits and veggies and lean meat and the weight will come off.

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