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Your Questions About Drink Soda After Tooth Extraction

Helen asks…


So…I got my 4 impacted tooth out on the nov 11th…today is the 29th…so its been about 2-3 weeks already. I was wonder…when can I drink soda or carbonated drinks? My nurse told me I could drink it after about a week but I havent drank soda because I’m still worried something might happen to my mouth and im trying to be careful. Is it safe to drink anything carbonated?

eric answers:

I’m sure it’s okay. I don’t remember being told not to drink soda. They just told me not to drink anything through a straw for a week. If it’s been almost three weeks then you should pretty much be back to normal.

Carol asks…

When can I drink soda after wisdom tooth extraction?

I had it taken out tuesday and only remember that I was told not to drink soda but dont know how long

eric answers:

After the first and second day, it should be okay to start your regular eating habits as well as drinking habits again.

Thomas asks…

How long to wait to drink Soda after tooth extraction?

I had my one of my molars out yesterday – plus the remaining remnants of the wisdom tooth behind it (which wasn’t much) but am wondering how long I have to wait to drink Soda after it?

I wasn’t told by my Dentist not to drink Soda so I did have it last night, but was reading online before about tooth aftercare & read something about Soda.

Only thing is I am reading contradicting reports about how long to wait….. some say after 24 hours is fine, some say wait a few days.

Can anyone with a good knowledge on the subject please help me!?

Thank You!
Also…. do you think I have put my self at risk for having soda last night?

eric answers:

Your Fine you should just wait a day after getting it removed i got one removed recently and right after that we wen’t to a restaurant and i had a soda just try using a straw for a bit avoid that area

Donna asks…

Is it bad to drink soda after wisdom teeth extraction?

I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. one of the few things I can get myself to drink is diet soda. is that bad?

eric answers:

You should try to stay away from carbonated sodas for the first week – the carbonation can hurt your wisdom teeth and go down to your nerve, which is minorly exposed by the holes in your gums where the wisdom teeth were. Also – DO NOT drink anything through a straw for at least a month. This can dislodge the blood clot in your wounds that is stopping your gums from bleeding further. Your doctor should have told you this, but who knows. Good luck!

Susan asks…

accidentally drank soda after wisdom tooth extraction?

ITs been past 7 days and last night i accidentally took a sip of dr.pepper or drank a cup of it without thinking and i totally forgot i wasnt supposed to drink i was wondering if im safe or if im gonna get a dry socket.

eric answers:

No. You will be fine.

Ruth asks…

can i drink water after tooth extraction?

i had a two teeth taken out today to make space for some new teeth and to correct my mouth for braces. they were the first premolars on both sides. can i drink water and/or soft drinks (soda) now? it’s been 4 and a half hours since the extractions and about 3 hours since i removed the gauze. also, what can i eat?
can i brush my teeth?

eric answers:

Wow, I’m surprised your dentist didn’t give you instructions. You should probably avoid solid food for several days but you should be able to drink water. I’d avoid soda for a while, because most of them are highly acidic and could be irritating. Your first few meals should probably be mostly liquids like beef broth or chicken broth., or soft foods like Jell-o or yogurt

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