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Your Questions About Drink Soda And Eat Mentos

Mary asks…

what would happen if you were to eat mentos and drink soda?

i know your stomach won’t explode [ it takes A LOT more soda and mentos than anyone can handle], but what would happen to you physically?

eric answers:

Nothing, Menthos and Diet Coke mixed will probably give you gas!

Helen asks…

How long should you wait to drink soda, after eating mentos?

I just ate some mentos and I was wondering how long until I could drink soda. please help!

eric answers:

You don’t have to wait, dumbass. If the mentos were going to react with anything, it would be the acid in your stomach.

George asks…

Did you ever drink soda and eat Mentos at the same time?

eric answers: would be the fizz maker right?

Richard asks…

What will happen if you drink a lot of soda and then eat mentos?

Ok, so we all know what happens if we shove mentos in a soda bottle. Boom! Big explosions. What would happen if you did that to yourself?

eric answers:

Haha best question evar

i think it could still explode. That would be a cool prank too!

Mark asks…

So, after you eat a mentos, and two hours later drink soda, will something still happen?

After eating a mentos, I ate lunch, and it had been almost two hours. Is it okay to drink soda now?

eric answers:

Its fineeeeee. I watched Mythbusters and you can do both at the same time. Something with the lining or acid in your stomach makes it ok. You might just burp a lot.

Thomas asks…

what happens if you eat mentos and then drink soda?

eric answers:

You’ll have minty breath, and a tummy filled with soda.

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