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Your Questions About Drink Soda Through Straw

Jenny asks…

when a person drinks a soda through a straw,where does the force come from that causes soda to move upward?

eric answers:

Love this question because it really hits at some key misconceptions about what a vacuum is.
So you put a straw in your cup of water. If you look down the straw or could look through it, you would see that the level of water inside and outside the straw are exactly the same. This is because the atmosphere is pushing down on the water inside the straw, and it is pushing down equally hard on the water outside the straw. So the pressures are equal.

When you suck on the straw you are lowering the pressure of the gas in the straw. When that happens, the force of the atmosphere pushing on your water outside the straw is now higher than the force of gas inside the straw (and your mouth) that is pushing back. The atmosphere wins, and starts pushing the Dew up the straw and into your mouth. So in essence you ARE NOT sucking the Dew into your mouth, the atmosphere is pushing it in there.

Don’t believe me? Try drinking water from a straw that is more than 20 meters tall. It won’t work. At around 20 meters the force of the massive column of water being pulled down by gravity is greater than the upward force caused by the atmosphere. Even if you completely evacuate the straw with a high-powered pump the water won’t make it up the straw. This is why you can’t pump water out of a well that is more than 20 meters deep in the ground. Anything greater than that and you need to use a compressor to pump air at high pressure down into the well to force the water out (essentially make the upward pressure higher than the atmosphere provides).

Chris asks…

In drinking soda or water through a straw, we make use of?

A) atmospheric pressure.
B) Bernoulli’s principle.
C) surface tension.
D) capillary action.

eric answers:

A. Atmospheric pressure pushes the water up through the straw when you lower the pressure on the upper end of that straw.
Since atmospheric pressure averages about 14 pounds per square inch, (the exact pressure varies depending on a variety of factors) it is impossible to draw the water up higher than about 30 feet since at that height the weight of the water exceeds the force provided by the air pressure.
To move water higher, you must apply pressure at the bottom of the straw to increase the force pushing the water up the straw.

Nancy asks…

how soon after you get metal post put in upper jawbone surgery can you drink soda(root beer) please read below?

i’m wondering that i’m 17 and i’m dying for some soda i’m 3 days out! bq what about drinking through a straw?thanks in advance!

eric answers:

You can drink soda the same day. Id wait a week before drinking out of a straw. Make sure you drink water after forever! Try to quit drinking soda or just on special occasions. You don’t want to be going through that again. Soda is really hard on your teeth.

John asks…

Drinking soda in a tooth pulled mouth?

I had two wisdom teeth pulled this morning and while they were not listed as Do nots, someone said dont drink soda.

Why is that? I know smokeing is bad and drinking through a straw.

what does soda do?

eric answers:

Soda is the devil’s water for teeth. Lol.
I just had a tooth pulled. I’m only drinking water.

Richard asks…

Will drinking through a straw prevent stains on your teeth?

A friend of mine bleaches her teeth and always drinks from a straw because she believes it will prevent staining on her teeth from drinks like coffee, soda, tea, etc.

Do you think she is right? I think it may prevent stains if you don’t swish the drink around in your mouth, but its hard to prevent your teeth from touching whatever you are drinking.

eric answers:

It may prevent stains on your teeth but it causes wrinkles around your mouth much like anyone who smokes. I rather bleach the teeth then deal with the wrinkles.
Kourtnie D

Robert asks…

Do you like blowing bubbles into your drink?

lol im drinking soda through a straw right now and i just remembered i used to that a lot when i was little 😀

eric answers:

Nope not really,

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