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Your Questions About Drink Water Before Blood Test

Paul asks…

Why does the doctor tell me to drink a lot of water before a blood test?

by the way i have to go back to the docs cause they couldn’t get blood.
I went to the doctor yesterday for a blood test, but I almost passed out. She said I had small veins and they were deep. She couldn’t get blood anywhere. I almost passed out when she did it in my hand. No, I’m not afraid. Why did I almost pass out? I ate before. Why should I drink water before?

eric answers:

The extra fluids are intended to make it easier to take you blood (and less likely for you to pass out). When you’re dehydrated, it tends to make your veins contract, which makes it harder to tap them.

Nancy asks…

can i drink water when fasting for a blood test?

i have to fast for 12-14 hours before my blood test tomorrow. but im thirsty!!! am i allowed to drink water?

eric answers:

Yes, drink as much water as you want. Stay off of fruit juices, and veggie juices, because some fruit and veggie juices (tomato, prune, wheat-grass, and V8) will have potassium, and potassium will coagulate (thicken) your blood, possibly giving the blood test a false reading.
Definitely stay away from alcohol, because it will also interfere with your blood test results.
I know- I take blood tests, and try to stay off of certain fruits and vegetables so I can have a correct results.

Michael asks…

Difference between drinking water and not drinking before blood test for cholesterol?

Does that make noticable difference in the the blood results?
I know I have to be fasting.
does it make a difference for the sugar levels also?

eric answers:

Yes water does affect the test results, they are trying to get the most accurate readings possible, and drinking water dilutes your blood which will alter the levels. They tell you if you have to take an important medication, to take it with a little sip of water not to drink a glass of water. Otherwise stay fasting so you will know the actual results.

Joseph asks…

can i drink water before getting my blood taken for standard bloodwork test?

Just curious becuase i have to go to the lab tommorow morning and im really thirsty.

eric answers:

Yes, you can drink water. Avoid anything with caffeine. If you were told that it’s fasting blood work then you need to avoid eating anything or drinking something that contains a lot of calories or other nutrients for 12 hours prior to the blood work.

George asks…

i am supposed to not eat or drink anything but water after 9pm for a blood test tomorrow?

if i drink alcohol before 9pm, and not after… will tomorrow’s blood test show that i drank alcohol?
the test isn’t searching for alcohol… im getting it because there might be something wrong with my heart…

eric answers:

Your blood is a ‘chemistry set’. There are many many different test that can be performed on you. If the ‘doc’ is concerned about your heart he is not going to order and ‘ethyl alcohol test’. Number one, if your insured, it is illegal. He would be ordering frivolous test and the insurance company would not pay it. They are not cheap. Many test are from $150 to $350 and up.
Your doctor is a detective. He will order test to help him deduce what your symptoms may be telling him. I predict he will order a general chemistry profile, which tells him things like your electrolytes , liver function etc. CBC which stands for a complete blood count.. This could signify infections , anemia etc. And probably an cardiac enzyme profile.. Which, of course tells him about your heart.
Don’t worry about drinking..

Daniel asks…

how many hours do i need to fast before doing a blood test for the nutrionist? can i drink water? smoke?

eric answers:

You are getting a variety of answers because nobody knows for sure. Just call your nutritionist and ask, just to make sure.

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