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Your Questions About Drink Water Before Ultrasound

William asks…

How much water do I have to drink before an ultrasound, and can I eat before having it done?

How long before an ultrasound do I have to start drinking water/juice?

eric answers:

By all means eat…don’t want a hungry momma in the waiting…I was always told to try and make sure my bladder was full, so they could get a better picture…so it depends on how much you have to drink to accomplish this…just make sure all the liquids you drink are clear and un-carbonated…

I would LOVE to know what in my response required a neg rating(thumbs down)

I have two healthy children that I have given birth to, both pregnancies that were considered “high risk” and I was getting ultrasounds twice a month at I know what I am talking about!!

Screw you trolls..your ignorance makes me laugh….


Daniel asks…

Do you have to drink water an hr before the ultrasound appt or during that hour?

I’m having my first pregnancy ultrasound tomorrow. I’m 20wks pregnant.

Anyways… My appt is at 12pm. So should i start to drink a litre of water at 11am or should i drink a litre of water before 11am??


eric answers:

Start drinking at like 10:30am. Most places actually say to start 2 hours before your ultrasound time, but in my experience (I had a ton of ultrasounds with my first pregnancy), that only makes for an anxious, uncomfortable experience.

As long as you don’t eat too much beforehand, your body will absorb the water almost instantly and your kidneys will process most of it within 45 minutes. There’s really no reason to torture yourself needlessly, especially if you already have to go to the bathroom every half hour. 😉

Chris asks…

How much water to drink before pelvic ultrasound?

Hi i’m going for ultrasound tomorow,but i forgot how many liters of water i have to drink.
Thank you xxx

eric answers:

5 – 6 glasses sounds about right… And you ARE required to drink water before hand, no matter how advanced the technology is today.
My advice to you, though, is to not drink too much. Both times I’ve had pelvic ultrasounds, I drank way too much and it made the actual procedure really hurt because my bladder was so full. If you’ve drunk a bunch of glasses, but don’t feel full yet… Don’t drink any more. It takes a while for your bladder to fill up.

Susan asks…

Why do they have you drink 24oz of water before a ultrasound?

I will be going on the 30th to have my first ultrasound, i will be 16 weeks and 1 day, and with my first child i NEVER had to drink all this water before going in.

Why is this? And what if i only drink like half that??

Ive had a ultrasound for other things (not during pegnancy) and had to do the same and man was that miserable…i had to pee so bad it hurt, and i wasn’t even pregnant, i cant imagine doing it again being pregnant.

eric answers:

The want your bladder mostly full so that it will raise your uterus and they can see the baby better.

Drink something sugary and the baby will be moving a lot more, this way you can hopefully see what gender the baby is.

Good luck.

Betty asks…

how much water to drink before an ultrasound?

I am having an ultrasound this week but the hospital didn’t tell me how much water to drink and when to drink it?
you need to have a full bladder… right?

this will be my 19week scan, and i honestly don’t know if i’ll be able to “hold it” for very long!

eric answers:

For a 19 wk scan you don’t need a fullbladder at all. You have enough fluid built up to see the baby just fine.

Robert asks…

I am right in thinking you have to drink lots of water before an ultrasound yes?

Didn’t say anything in my appointment letter,but i’ve had an ultrasound before and i had to drink lots before that
This is my first btw,scan i’ve had before was for something else,not pregnancy

eric answers:

Yes you do usually for any kind of stomach scan not just a pregnancy one. I had to drink lots of water before my most recent scan and I was bursting to go to the loo after! If your bladder is not full they can’t really check what’s going on.

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