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Your Questions About Drink Water On Empty Stomach

Carol asks…

How dangerous is it to drink on a COMPLETE empty stomach?

Ok so today im on a fast..Im only drinking water..Trying to detox..

But tonight im going to a hen party..I will be drinking on a complete empty stomach..Is that dangerous?

What about having a pint of water before i drink? or should i fast tomorrow and eat today?

eric answers:

I don’t think its massivly dangerous depending on how much you drink, if you are just haveing 1 or 2 small drinks then it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you think you are going to get drunk I would eat a small healhty meal if I was you.

Paul asks…

when i drink one glass of water on an empty stomach i get headache?

eric answers:

Because the coldness is going straight TO YOUR BRAIN! Hehe
to eat then drink water

Maria asks…

Why does drinking water on an empty stomach make you feel sick?

eric answers:

If you have a tendency to not drink fluids of any type for long periods (like me), drinking water will upset your stomach for the following reason:

Your body needs fluid. If you go for a long period of time, then drink water, your body will absorb it faster than normal. This will intern create a sense of nausea.

Drink more fluids!!!!!! ?

Sandy asks…

Drinking water on an empty stomach good for your skin?

eric answers:

Its good any time of the day.
Rain or shine!

Mark asks…

Why do I feel like vomiting if i drink water in the morning?

Usually when I wake up i prefer to drink water, rather than breakfast right away. But it always makes me feel like i need to vomit. I’m guessing it’s because i’m drinking water on an empty stomach, but i’ve asked some friends and my family and they can drink water fine on an empty stomach. Why is this?

eric answers:

I honestly don’t know but the same thing happens to me. I never drink water in the morning because it makes me feel sick. It just never settles right in my stomach and after a night of sleeping, morning breath and having nothing in my stomach, it just seems that water doesn’t agree with it.

Charles asks…

is there advantages of drinking water early on empty stomach ?

eric answers:

Yes. Imagine going to school or going to work and not drinking water the whole day. You’d feel super parched, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly how your body feels after sleeping at night for several hours. Drinking water immediately rehydrates and recharges your body. Also, since your still on an empty stomach, it is a great time for your body to rid itself of all the excess you consumed the day before. Studies show that drinking one tall glass of water helps your body do just that. With this practice, you’ll surely have no problems doing your business in the bathroom at the start of the day. You’ll feel light and ready to do anything and everything.

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