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Your Questions About Drinking Games

Sandy asks…

what are some popular drinking games besides beer pong and what supplies do they require?

my boyfriend’s bday is coming up and i wanted to get him some party supplies. i was thinking ping pong balls and red solo cups, but what other drinking games are popular and what kinda cups, etc. do they require?
WTF cupcake…he’s of age. and we don’t drink until we pass out thanks.

eric answers:

FLIP CUP! Requires an even amount of people, some skill/coordination, and drinking fast! Its nice and quick too, which makes nice for a good game to get everyone involved in between beer pong games, or whatever…

Oh, and all you need are the same cups you use for beer pong.. So no extra money required!

James asks…

What are some of your favorite summer beer drinking games?

Like the game where you sit in a circle with a beer can and throw a dart at someones can and they have to drink down to where you hit.

games like that that are drinking games but out doors or in water.
hmm i think I am a real beer drinker since it goes into my body =P

of course i respect just drinkin beer and the different types. micro breweries and all of that. going on tours of breweries and such. darks vs pale. creamys etc etc. but i also enjoy playin games!

eric answers:

Beer pong

Susan asks…

What are some good drinking games for about 15-20 people?

We’re having a surprise party for my step dad and are expecting several people. I’m looking for some really fun, off the wall games to keep everyone entertained. We have 6 30 cases of bud light, 2 party packs of the bacardi assorited flavors, and a few friends bringing mixed drinks, so we really want some drinking games that will be fun and hilarious on camera. Thanks for all your help!! Have a nice day.

eric answers:

Off the top of my head I can think of:

‘Ching Chang Chong’ or ‘Fuzzy Duck’ which are very similar.
Fuzzy duck is my preferred game of these two, but can often lead to people slipping up and accidently saying “f*** he does” and similar things, while this is part of the fun it may be unsuistable for some.
Ching Chang Chong is similar to this but does not involve any accidental swearing.

There is also ‘ring of fire’ which involves playing cards. For a large group I would advise using 2 packs of cards.
This is an amazing game to play with a large group, it can be very fun as it involves group dare type situations where everyone has to commit the same forfit at the same time as quickly as possible (such as everyone getting off of their chair at the same time, and the last one to do so loses). This is a particularly good game as it is very easily customised to your own preferrences on rules and dares.

Fuzzy Duck:
Ring of Fire:

Unfortunatley I cannot find a good link for Ching Chang Chong, but if you’d like more information about this or any of the other games let me know :)

Donald asks…

What are some really fun drinking games?

Again as i said on another question its my 21st birthday tomarrow and i wanna have a blast at my party so none of us know really any drinking games.So what are some simple ones we can all play?

eric answers:

Kings Cup Drinking Game Rules
You Need: A deck of cards and lots of alcohol

The more people the more fun!

Set-Up: Place an Empty cup in the center of the group of people (or between you and the other person if you are a loser and have only one friend). Scatter the deck of cards around the cup. Only one deck of cards is needed, game could be interesting with more than one deck however.

How to play this drinking game:
Each player picks a card and fallows the rule of the card, the rules of the cards is much similar to other drinking games, but the King’s role is much Diffrent.
Ace – Social, everyone drinks.
2 – Is for You, you pick someone to drink.
3 – Is for Me, you drink.
4 – Is for Whores, girls drink.
5 – Rule, make a rule everyone must follow until the next 5 is picked (ex: No Bad Words) If rule is broken, that person must drink.
6 – Is for dicks, guys drink.
7 – Multiples of 11, The person who picks this card begins to count..”1″.. The next person continues.. “2”.. And the next..”3″.. And so on.. As soon as you reach 7 (whoever it lands on) you say “F*CK YOU” insted, then the direction reverses (so the person who just said 6, now must say 8 and whoever said 5 says 9, direction reverses) and continues untill 11 is the number to be said and insted is replaced with “F*CK YOU” and the direction changes. Whoever F*cks up.. DRINKS!
8 – Don’t be late, a.k.a thumbs on table or points to the sky.. Whoever is late and does it last must drink.
9 – Bust a Rhyme, first person says a short sentence with a word, the next person must say a diffrent sentice ending with a word that rhymes.
10- Waterfalls or Noes-goes, the person who picks this card has a choice of Playing Waterfalls (where that person begins to drink, the next person starts after s/he, and the next after the follower, and so on, the trick is you cant stop drinking till the person before you stops and s/he cant stop till the person before him/her stops) or Noes-goes (where the card chooser can place their finger on their nose and whoever does it last drinks, this power is good untill the next 10 is drawn).
Jack – Go Back, the person before you drinks.
Queen – Questions (my personal least favorite), Chooser turns to the next person and asks a question (ex: Have you ever licked a donkey’s butt hole?) then that person must turn to the next person and ask a relevant question (ex: Wouldn’t a Donkeys butt hole taste like candy?) the person who fumbles drinks.
King!! – This is the kicker.. Whenever a king is drawn, that person must poor however much they whish into the empty cup on the table.. The last person who draws a king MUST DOWN THE KINGS CUP! You could see what chaos would occure with more than one deck, seven diffrent types of booz!

Enjoy this great drinking game!

Charles asks…

what is the best beer drinking water games you’ve played?

My ex and I and a bunch of friends played water sport beer drinking games. Not the drunken were all going to drown at the bottom of the intercoastal water way. But the were buzzed lets swim acroos the intercoastal water way with bowling balls and see which group wins. And yes we were all over 21 at the time for those who might ask. So how about you?

eric answers:

Never have I ever…..someone asks a question and if you never did it you have to drink. Object is you’re trying to come up with stuff that no one has done, but you also get to find some interesting things out about people.

Carol asks…

What are some fun drinking games to play in the pool for 4th of July party?

What are some fun drinking games to play in the pool for 4th of July party?
oh and please don’t lecture on the dangers of drinking and swimming.

eric answers:

Marco Polo
A spin the bottle type game where you spin around in the pool and whoever you look at when you stop is who you kiss
Vollyball or just throw a ball around
Some sort of stripping game 😉
Swimming + Alcohol = so much fun, as long as you are careful and watch out for your mates if they are really wasted 😉
Enjoy :)

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