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Your Questions About Drinking Age In Canada

Steven asks… What is the drinking age in Canada? I live in the Bahamas so the drinking age is 18 but they don’t really enforce it but I don’t drink and never will. What about Canada? eric answers: 19 <3 (In some provinces, 18) Lizzie asks… When was the minimum drinking age in canada set? … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drink Coffee To Lose Weight

Mandy asks… Can people lose weight by drinking black coffee? If so, how much is enough? Mixed with 30-60 minutes of power walking and light to moderate daily activity, if a person only drinks coffee & only eats vegetables, and fruit… how likely will weight loss occur? Temporarily (a few weeks), not forever. Be specific … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drink Water On Empty Stomach

Carol asks… How dangerous is it to drink on a COMPLETE empty stomach? Ok so today im on a fast..Im only drinking water..Trying to detox.. But tonight im going to a hen party..I will be drinking on a complete empty stomach..Is that dangerous? What about having a pint of water before i drink? or should … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drink Coffee And Destroy

Linda asks… Could I have Sleep Apnea? Ever since the summer i have had erection difficulties. Lately I’ve been fatigued or tired during the day. I don’t know which one. I drink at least two cups of coffee during the day and have been drinking coffee since 9th grade (i’m 18). Since about two months … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drink Water In The Morning

Helen asks… why do you need to drink salt water every morning and tea in the evening for the lemonade diet? what does it do? and do you have to do it or can u just do the lemonade diet part? eric answers: The best way to detox is to get hold of a liver. … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drink Soda Through Straw

Jenny asks… when a person drinks a soda through a straw,where does the force come from that causes soda to move upward? eric answers: Love this question because it really hits at some key misconceptions about what a vacuum is. So you put a straw in your cup of water. If you look down the … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drinking Made Easy

Thomas asks… How do I make home made wine the simple easy way, to kill the yeast and make it safe? Give me a detailed answer; on anything, but spacifically on how to make it clean and ready to drink. eric answers: Generally the yeast will die off once its consumed all the sugar if … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drink Coffee

Linda asks… Is it bad for me to drink coffee? I am 13, and only drink coffee in the mornings. I am not addicted or anything like that. My dad says it is bad for me to drink coffee because of the caffeine. But I find that contradicting because he drinks tea at least 3 … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drink Water Before Blood Test

Paul asks… Why does the doctor tell me to drink a lot of water before a blood test? by the way i have to go back to the docs cause they couldn’t get blood. I went to the doctor yesterday for a blood test, but I almost passed out. She said I had small veins … Continue reading

Your Questions About Drink Soda Before Bed

Nancy asks… Could caffine intake before bed be reason for bags under eyes in the morning? Because I usually drink a can of soda usually coke before and always wake up with swollen and tired looking eyes. People always ask why I look so tired but could this be why. Overall about 2-3 cans a … Continue reading